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The Simple Approach To Getting More leads Added For Your List Seamlessly While Also Saving Time And Money By Tapping Into Face-book’s Most Up-to-date Ad Tech Along With The Most Current Stateoftheart Automation!

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Connect Leads Overview:

Creator: Wilco de Kreij
Date Of Intro: 2015-12-04
Time Of Intro: 10:00 EDT
Niche: Facebook Advertising
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Anyhow: Yes, Special $4682 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Level of Skill Needed: All Levels

Who Is The Creator Of Connect Leads?
More Details: http://www.socialleadfreak.com/connect-leads-review
Wilco de is your man behind Connect hindsight. He made his big success being an affiliate marketer that he has been doing full time since 2006.

For five decades, he has been selected among the best affiliates in Netherlands. He’s behind most successful online advertising software and apps such as ZoSocial, VideoSkin, Viral Optins, UpViral, ChatLinks along with others.

What Is The Main Idea Connect Leads?

Face-book recently introduced Direct Ads, allowing all to collect email subscribers on Facebook with just an individual tab. To generate leads on face-book never been easier!

“I’m averaging an expense of $.45 per enrollment, and it is slightly more than half what I had been getting ahead!”

There is just 1 problem:

You cannot join Facebook Lead adverts to your auto responders — which makes the feature virtually useless.

Here comes Join Leads…

Together With ConnectLeads, you may:

conserve countless hours .

Sky-rocket your ROI while slashing lead costs.

Boost profit when fostering productivity.

Therefore, What Is Connect Leads?

ConnectLeads automatically welcomes all prospects real-time into any auto-responder — which makes this tool every Facebook advertiser & firm owner is waiting for.

Connect leads:

It collects email subscribers from WITHIN the Face-book News Feed, directly in to your autoresponder!

People simply have to click your message… there’s NO TYPING required!

Facebook will then automatically pre-fill each of their data (their name, email, relationship status, etc )

They DOn’t need to experience some”face book program authorization” or some of the stuff.

It works perfectly in all the face book mobile programs (i-OS, Android, and so forth ).

This program does is unthinkable.

You can start collecting leads and boosting products directly inside Facebooks newsfeed, this will be taking social marketing for the very next grade.

And on top of that… it’s 100 percent Facebook approved (face book by hand assessed the whole application before you go live).

=> Watch The Power Of Connect LeadsConnect Shows Total Demo Video


You Have To Log Into Your Own Facebook Account First.

Connect Leads helps you leverage FB’s traffic, with total simplicity:

In case you are not optimizing cellular visitors on FB, you’re missing out time:

“655 MILLION”: Even more surprisingly, over 655 million users (roughly 44 percent of most Facebook users worldwide) only access face-book (and the remainder of the web ) via mobile devices alone.

“-44% CONVERSION”: Average conversion rates via traditional online advertising stations are as much as 44 percent lower on mobile than via desktop PC’s (according to Monetate).

“2 TAPS”: FB Lead Ads provides the data already pre-filled for the user. With two taps, the desired data is captured with the advertiser. On top of that, without the user ever leaving face book! This is just a game-changer for mobile advertising.

That is where Facebook Lead Ads comes in:

This powerful new ad feature offers the information for an individual if they respond to a marketing.

With just two taps, the desired data is captured for the advertiser.

Best of all, without the user ever leaving face book.
This can be actually just a game-changer for mobile advertising.

Link Leads Requires Your Mobile Marketing To The Next Level, Whatever Business You Are In:

ConnectLeads causes it to be super-easy to become mobile users put into a list — immediately!

By taking advantage of Facebook’s powerful new Lead Advertisements technology, you’ll be able to capture readers’ email addresses automatically via their face book accounts, onthefly.

No completing forms or clumsy scanning needed onto the users’ part…

Two taps to subscribe into a offer and confirm. ConnectLeads automatically adds them to a preferred subscriber checklist.

Not familiar with FB Lead adverts or how they work?

Here’s a primer:

Facebook Lead Advertisements have accepted the advertising world by storm:

Here are just some of the ways entrepreneurs and companies are using Face-book Lead Ads:

Facebook Lead Ads provides a easy, effortless way for users to answer advertisements that interest .
With no extra steps!

Yet, regardless of this extraordinary power that Facebook gives you with Lead Ads, there is only 1 problem…

The subscriber data out of face-book is exported for you via a .csv record, which you’ve got to download via your marketing supervisor.

Following that, you must upload that fresh contributor data into your autoresponder to get the brand newest leads precisely inserted to your subscriber list.

Needless to saythis can add significant time, workload and boost risk of error.

Now let’s take a look at how Connect Leads resolves this, while still maximizing the power of Face-book Lead Advertisements…with intelligent automation:

ConnectLeads interfaces directly with your autoresponder via face book’s Ad platform API.

Do you find the chances which are now within your reach with all the combined capability of Facebook and Connect Leads?

Let Facebook’s latest ad technology pay off for the business:

By getting your autoresponder accounts and face-book Lead Ads synchronized via ConnectLeads, you can increase subscribers, while reducing prices!

ConnectLeads includes an easy interface to handle most coordination between your auto responders (works with virtually all the significant autoresponder and CRM providers), along with Facebook Lead Ads, together with pinpoint accuracy.

Because of Link endings, getting Face-book to cover off for the business is easier than ever

To put in your readers to your autoresponder manually from a FB Leads Marketing effort, you Would Need to follow those measures:

A. down load your new subscribers from your FB Lead Ads campaign’s csv file out of the FB advertising account…

B. Open it in Excel in order to confirm that the email addresses are formatted correctly…

C. Upload the new csv data to a autoresponder to update your subscriber list with new subscribers.

This entire process could take anywhere from 20 minutes to one hour or so to complete, based on several different things.

And, it might have to be done on at least a daily basis if you should be running Burn advertisements consistently.

This process also should be completed on each campaign and contributor list that needs to be updated. One at a time!

Therefore your workload increases a lot more.

Or… you can do it the Intelligent way:

Use ConnectLeads to perform these tasks for most of your advertising campaigns… mechanically in real time!

ConnectLeads handles everything included with getting new subscribers added to your autoresponder from your face-book Lead Advertisements, without flaws.

Best of all, it supplies you with a full collection of custom data management purposes and capacities, together with much more in the future!

You may even segment your lists automatically and dynamically, depending on data provided by face-book for the subscriber. Without a additional input required by the contributor, and zero direction demanded by you personally.

ConnectLeads is 100% Facebook-approved:

This app had to withstand face book’s rigorous standards and security conditions in order to get access to the API for its advertising platform.

This sets ConnectLeads at a select collection of just a handful of third-party software who have passed muster with face-book for its advertising API.

In fact, at the current time, only a few other provider offers this kind of functionality via face book’s API, and also their minimum cost starts at $300 a month.

This makes ConnectLeads a much greater importance to your enterprise.

Providing you with the advantage your contest simply doesn’t have, and maybe yet knows about!

Get greater quality leads… to get a lesser price:

Some of the principal reasons why you will receive much better quality contributes via FB Lead Advertisements is because face book collects the primary or main current email address that people use when they register.

This means less subscribers using”throw-away” or secondary email accounts that they check.

Furthermore, using FB Lead Advertisements, no landing pages are necessary. You are able to very quickly request information from the user directly via exactly what FB already has for them in the database. Geo-location, occupation, interests, and more.

This enables you to segment your list ways you never could before, from scratch!

In addition, it makes it possible for you to better target subscribers with future mails. Notably to those on your list who is open to your supplies, based on demographics and interests.

According to Hubspot, segmentation can significantly improve click and open speeds by almost 40%, while reducing rates and increasing deliver-ability by up to 28%.

Stats like that can simply mean higher sales and more profits!

Since users answer your advertising via two easy taps, conversions are considerably higher than standard opt-in varieties. What this means is higher significance scores in your own advertising by FB and lesser CPL!

With ConnectLeads, you receive even better results:

Since ConnectLeads will instantly feed subscribers into your funnel, then they receive an immediate response. No delays as a result of waiting to add the contributor manually with the next CSV batch.

Why is this important?

It’s simple isn’t it? The respondent wants what they requested right away. The sooner the better.

“…firms that tried to get prospective clients in a hour of receiving a query were nearly seven times as likely to qualify the guide.”

It’s apparent that following up fast has a massive impact on the subscriber.

And unless you are using ConnectLeads, your FB Lead adverts subscribers will just not get that instantaneous response.

And making a big difference on conversions!

When it comes to advertising on Facebook, ConnectLeads puts one around the top edge:

Here’s the thing:

Everyone’s searching for ways to reduce costs and increase earnings, while working less.

Think about it, if you can slash your costs while spending less time managing contributes…

While at precisely exactly the exact same time being assured that your leads always get a timely reply from you…

What effect could that have in your own company?

ConnectLeads delivers efficacy.

By automating the process, helping you save time, having the subscribers in your funnel immediately and removing each of the guesswork… ConnectLeads instantly makes you a super-efficient entrepreneurs!

Start optimizing your FB ad campaigns, while decreasing costs and rescue time/money:

Armed with the wonderful ability of ConnectLeads, now you can supercharge your ad campaigns to build the readers that will be most responsive to your offer.

Best of all, you’ll be communication with them using their preferred platform — portable!

It’s a whole new universe of possibilities!

You can now build highly-targeted subscriber listings for a really low cost with virtually no danger!

Here’s what some of those beta-testers are stating:


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